August 2017: Dimac Red S.p.A. engaged a Sales Partnership with Isobaud Inc.

DIMAC RED is proud to announce its new alliance with ISOBAUD for the distribution of its OptoIsolator

in to the European market




ISOBAUD is a new player but with well-known and experienced people. They offer a strong

Knowledge and heritage in High reliability & High performance opto solutions for aerospace,

industrial, military & medical applications. ISOBAUD allows us to expand our Optoisolators portfolio to

all European Customers, and gives us the opportunity to continue to serve the Italian Market after

more than 10 years of successful experience in selling Opto solutions for High Reliability applications.

We are very pleased to come back working with great people that really knows how to

manufacture and provide HIGH REL & HIGH PERFORMANCE products.” Commented Valter Arosio,

General Manager of DIMAC. ISOBAUD Inc. Portofolio comprehends Discrete High Performance,

Radiation Tolerant Emitters & Sensors, High Reliability & Radiation Tolerant Analog Optocouplers and

High Reliability Digital Isolators (150Mhz).

Commenting on the agreement, Manor Narayan, founder and CEO of ISOBAUD said, “DIMAC is an

experienced distribution company working in Europe for more than 30 years. They have a fantastic

product line of which we are proud to become a part of.” He added, “DIMAC not only provides

high reliability electronic products to the market, but also helps their customers with quality services

like design analysis, product design, prototyping, testing and subsystem production. Their expert

knowledge of the European market and ability to provide detailed design support and consultation

to their customers is very appealing to us as a supplier.”


August 2017: Dimac Red S.p.A. engaged a Sales Partnership with Space Micro Inc.

Dimac Red S.p.A. is proud to announce the new sales partnership in key European Countries with Space Micro Inc.




Space Micro, Inc is an engineering driven small business that focuses on technology advancement and product implementation for high reliability satellite electronics. They have earned a strong reputation in the Space industry for innovative, affordable and high performance digital, RF, and attitude determination products, as well as their established ability to leverage commercial technologies to meet military and space requirements. With its growing space heritage, TRL, and customer base, Space Micro supports all aerospace primes, government agencies, and commercial space companies around the globe.


This agreement is advertised on Space Micro website, as well

july 2017 : Microsemi New GaN Selector Brochure

Microsemi has just  generated the updated version of the GaN Selector Brochure, available at the link below. It provides details on broad RF Power offer up to C-Band applications. The family has increased with new devices.

This brochure provides the evidence of the commitment of Microsemi to continuously improve the offer of RF Transistors based on GaN SiC Technology.


Microsemi_GaN Bruchure

June 2017: Dean Technology announces the recent Product Releases of 2017.

DEAN TECHNOLOGY , Inc. , leader in high Voltage, High Current devices, annunces new products families: long surface Mount HV Diodes, 30KV HV Diodes, High current HV Diodes,  Automotive High Temperature HV Diodes, Miniature HV Power Supplies, HV Ceramic Capacitor Stacks.




May2017: New HV ceramic capacitor stacks the ST1, ST2, and ST3 series.


Dean Technology, Inc.,  announced the introduction of  high voltage ceramic capacitor stacks the ST1,
ST2, and ST3 series. These are a new line of stacked ceramic disc capacitors, with three different terminal 
types that range from 6,000 to 12,000 volts and 130 to 1,000 picofarads per disc. They are made from Class II 
ceramic dielectric materials,with noble metal electrodes,and are all RoHS compliant.
Available as standard parts with four to twelve stages, capacitor stacks are ideal for use in constructing
compact half and full wave multipliers for countless applications including electrostatic paint spraying and
portable x-ray systems. The ST1 series has wire leads between each stage, while the ST2 and ST3 parts
have solder tabs with 180-degree and 140-degree separation respectively. The flexibility and space
efficiency of this product line, when paired with Dean Technology’s lines of HVCA axial lead and surface
mount high voltage diodes offer an impressive design option for new multiplier designs.

April 2017: New Products for Thermal interfaces by Indium Corp.

Indium Corporation announces the phase in of two important materials for high power Applications.
It is a thermal interface material specially designed to solve problems related to the use of thermal grease in applications where the powers and the temperatures do not require metal-type interfaces such as HeatSpring. It is presented in the form of strips or preformed easily be cut by the customer. The main advantages over the thermal grease include:
- solid, easy to handle, non-greasy and non-staining;
- better thermal resistance of the best thermal grease on the market;
- not subject to the pumping phenomenon (leakage of fat) or bake-out (baking and drying);
- vastly superior to the fat in the resistance to thermal cycling
- in essence, much cheaper and reliable than thermal grease.
It is a composite material made by incorporating a copper mesh between two layers of solder. The sheet so obtained may subsequently be cut into any shape (preform) and can be used to weld power components on any metallic substrate. The particular nature of this product allows to obtain extremely robust and reliable welds for the poor consistency of voids (maximum efficiency in heat transfer) and resistant to particularly severe thermal cycles such as those required in the automotive field (complete absence of delamination).
        The thickness may be decided by the customer, but typically the copper mesh is 200 microns thick while the two alloy layers are 25 microns each. The most popular alloy for this product is the alloy # 133 (95Sn5Sb) which has a melting temperature of 237 ° -240 ° C.
Technical details of these materials are available in the following documents:

March 2017 : Paris Space Week 2017, on March 8th and 9th

Dimac e Partners personnel will be present at the Paris Space Week 2017, on March 8th and 9th . This Space Exhibition is one of the most relevant for this kind of Applications: see for more details. Our Booth will be F06 & F08.

Please contact us at or call us at +39 039 2494856 to schedule a meeting with our Specialists.


February 2017: Input transient protections simplifications with new DC-DC converter by Gaia

Gaia Converter extends its ultra wide input voltage range DC/DC Converters platform to the new High Rel MGDD-40 series,  targeting Military and Airborne applications.

New 40W, Ultra Wide input voltage range DC-DC converter from Gaia-Converter simplifies input transient protections

Uniquely wide, the MGDD-40 Series 9-60V & 80V transient input voltage range is ideal to comply with Mil-Std-1275, 704 or DO-160 standards without additional front end protection device. This unique performance is achieved thanks to Gaia's proprietary switching techniques while also keeping efficiency over 90%.

With 2 outputs (for parallel, serial or symmetrical operation) of 5V, 12V, 15V and 24V, they can cover a wide variety of needs such as single 5V to 48V output, or two 24 V for example.

Packaged in a very low profile 0.33'' and 1.5”x1.75” housing, the MGDD-40 Series have a wide temperature range of -55°C to +105°C and are potted to fit rugged Military and Airborne environmental conditions.

The units are full featured and protected with zero to full load regulation, Trim & On/Off capability, adjustable UVLO,  soft start, embedded EMI filter as well as over-current and over-temperature protection. They can also be synchronized and/or paralleled for added power or N+1 redundancy.

Designed for rugged applications, the MGDDI-40 series do not use any optocoupler.


About GAIA Converter

Gaia Converter was created in the early 1990’s. Since that time the company has developed one of the most comprehensive ranges of modular power components in the electronics market place. Gaia Converter also brought to the market its now well established concept of Modular Power Architecture simplifying the design of complex power supplies. With more than 5 000 standard power component references serving the industrial, transportation, aerospace and military markets, Gaia Converter is recognised as one of the world leaders of “power module” solutions.


For more information: contact:



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