Dimac Red Spa is proud to announce the publication of their new website offering a more stylish look, greater functionality, and simpler access to information. Visitors to the site can quickly see the many different skills and competencies of Dimac Red Spa.

Together, Dimac Red Spa and suppliers have optimised content and the keywords. Search engines are now more likely to direct users to the most relevant information for their search and that information is clearer and simpler to read. The target is to reduce the time taken for engineers to find the right information and to improve the level of visibility of Dimac’s products and services across the web.
The website now consists of 7 main pages (home, About Dimac, Products, Services, News, Events, Contact us), which allows to access to second level pages in a hierarchical structure. A search box is available from the front page.

There is a self-refreshing banner, which highlights the main business activities of the Company and the latest news or events.
Slightly below there is an abstract of the capabilities of the Dimac Red Spa and a section with colored boxes associated to Integration, Procurement, R&D, Consulting & Products. Clicking on any of them additional pages pop up. Further below in the home page there are 4 bullets with our missions and an abstract of our Sales Network.