Based in Taiwan, Globaltop Technology has been supplying positioning modules since 2006, by incorporating only the highest quality components to ensure unrivaledstability and performance for even the most critical positioning applications.
GlobalTop Technology is an award-winning partner of MediaTek as well as their alpha-testing site for GNSS. We are one of most the most experienced GNSS module vendors in the world, and the only one offering extensive firmware customization support for any customer.
We have a comprehensive portfolio of GNSS products that can meet requirements of any positioning applications.
Our portfolio  include :
  • GNSS Standalone Modules
  • GNSS Modules with Embedded  Antennas
  • Automotive Grade GNSS Modules
  • GNSS Modules with Embedded MEMS Sensors
  • GNSS Modules with Dead-Reckoning
We build high-performance GNSS modules that cover all segments including industrial, consumer and automotive. We especially cater to advance GNSS users, who would like us to tweak and customize different GNSS parameters to meet their requirements. We have built some exclusive and unique features on MediaTek platform for our modules that further enhance the module’s functionality.

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