Ruggetech aims to provide its customers with the expertise gained through many years of experience in the professional market. Ruggetech is committed to serve the largest companies in the areas of logistics, military, transportation and industrial production, such as the automotive industry. Ruggetech took the ownership of the requests of the Customers bringing the technology…



RD ALFA Microelectronics develops and manufactures certified high reliability and radiation hardened microelectronics components for aеrоspace and defense equipment. The company is the legal successor of the Riga Institute of Micro-devices combined with the manufacturing resource known as Invertor. Both were part of ALFA, the famous Eastern European micro-electronic group. Between 1960 and 1985 ALFA was…



With more than 40 years experience Polyamp (together with Switch Craft division) manufactures DC/DC converters are used in applications where the electrical/physical environment is tough and/or the customers have high demands on reliability and accuracy: – Railway: Trains and Track Wayside; – Industry: Forklifts, Electrical Vehicles, Process Control, Power Plants, DC Distribution; – Telecom and…



OmniVision Technologies Inc. is the world’s largest independent supplier of advanced, single-chip CMOS camera solutions. Our CameraChipsTM are used by companies that produce high volume imaging products used in digital video/photography, security & surveillance, video conferencing, automotive, machine vision, and mobile imaging markets.



O.C.E. Technology is a European company setup to develop products and services for high-reliability embedded systems. Its founders bring together many years’ engineering, academic and business experience developing successful hardware and software products. The company is supported by the Irish government and has strong cooperation with the European Space agency in the development of unique innovative…



NELSON CREATED AB mission is to provide high quality RF and microwave components/systems manufactured and created in China for the European market. We work with two categories of companies in China, those are widely chosen by domestic OEM’s and those who will be in the front edge of development. – PortaRay (Beijing) NDT Solution Co.,LtdProvides probably world…



NetPower is an industry leading supplier of high performance DC to DC and AC to DC converters. NetPower’s patented designs provide excellent thermal management in the industry, leading to higher performance and longer reliability. The operating voltages for isolated and non-isolated DC-DC modules including 2:1, 4:1 and 8:1 ranges; universal AC input ranges for AC-DC…



DC/DC converters in both miniature and standard size SIL,DIL,quarter and half brick. Wide output power range from 30 to 150W. Available solutions among 150W, 200W and 300W in different packages(quarter, half and full brick). Also available point of load(POL) for supplying FPGA and DSP( 0,9V output x 15A)



Anaren, Inc. is a leading supplier of microwave and RF technology to the military/aerospace, commercial, and academia/research markets. Anaren is an innovator of both standard and custom microwave and RF technology products and components. MS Kennedy is now part of Anaren’s space and defense group, one of two operating groups as part of the five…