High Voltage Power Solutions  [see catalog]  has over 20 years experience providing our customers with high quality products that meet specific requirements and needs. From off-the-shelf catalog items to custom designs we are dedicated to providing you with total customer satisfaction and the solution to your high voltage needs. HV Component Associates  or HVCA  [see…



CEI manufactures high-voltage mica paper and specialty film capacitors, including tailored solutions to meet the rigorous demands of today’s cutting-edge applications. Whether your needs are for military, industrial or commercial industry, renewable energy, aerospace, or oil exploration use, you can rely on CEI to meet your requirements with the outstanding workmanship for which we’ve become…



Video Processing Solutions (Video Security Controller, Video Format Converter, LCD/DTV Controller, 3-Channel ADC and Quad Splitter Controller) and Application Specific Memory (Sync and Async Communication FIFO, Video FIFO, Dual-port SRAM, Frame Buffer and Line Buffer).



DC/DC converters for railway applications according to EN50155, EN55022(class B), EN50121, EN61000, RIA 12 normative. Converter fulfil Smoke and Fire normative UNI CEI 11170. Output power from 35W to 200W in a compact case for PTH assembling, DIN rail, rack 19” and chassis mounting. Wide input range: 9-36; 16-40; 64-160VDC. Ultra wide input range: 14,4…



Anatech Electronics is a US manufacturer which offers the industry’s largest portfolio of high-performance RF filters and related products covering the range of 10 KHz to 40 GHz. Anatech Electronics products are used in military, commercial, aerospace and defense, and industrial applications throughout the world. Many geared specifically to wireless communication, such as LTE, GSM,…



Alta Data Technologies is dedicated to providing the best possible Avionics Products and Service in the Aerospace Industry.  Alta’s MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC interface cards, and Ethernet Appliances are powered by our AltaCore Protocol Engine, and provide the most advanced product capabilities in the industry.  Alta’s Next Generation MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC Products for PCI, PCIe, mPCIe, PMC,…

NetPower announces new Power Converters compliant to EN50155

NetPower is proud to announce new Railway Products. Railway products:  QYR6A, HYR6A , QYRA7A, HYR7A (compliant to EN50155.) http://www.netpowercorp.com/cn/newsSearch/0/QYR6A http://www.netpowercorp.com/cn/newsSearch/0/HYR6A    180-400V input DC/DC Converters:  HYUEA,  FYVEA http://www.netpowercorp.com/cn/newsSearch/0/HYUEA AC-DC converters Low power DC-DC converters (<20W) POL  8-14V Input, 0.5-1.6V, 200A Output NHT1xxxx200xx6 1/4 brick & 1/8 brick heatsink EMI Filter   At the following link, you…