New website!

Dimac red is proud to announce the publication of their new website offering a more stylish look, greater functionality, and simpler access to information. Visitors to the site can quickly see the many different skills and competencies of Dimac red.



ACME is a provider of mobile fully rugged computer systems and display for various application and fields that are used: Systems for mission critical defense applications, systems for aerospace and medical devices, systems for the manufacturing industries. nuovo PDF da scaricare Seahawk 200

Dean Technology, Inc.announced the addition of three new surface mount parts in the SL series

Dean Technology, Inc., today announced the addition of three moreparts to its SL series of surface mount high voltage diodes. The three new parts, the SLA20S, SLA25S, andSLA30S bring the highest voltage rating seen in a surface mount diode with peak inverse voltage ratings of20,000, 25,000 and 30,000 volts respectively.Visit DTI website for additional details and…

Expo Ferroviaria 2017

The new location at Rho Fiera of Expo Ferroviaria 2017 allowed for a remarkable improvement with respect to the previous Event in 2016. There was a great success of visitors, customers and suppliers. Dimac Red Spa booth has been crowded most of the time. In our booth Dimac Red Spa engineers and managers had several…