A special anniversary for us: celebrating 40 years of a thriving partnership with Indium Corporation!

We proudly celebrate our 40-anniversary of collaboration and success with our valued partner Indium Corporation. 

This is our story.

We are pleased to announce our 40th special anniversary with Indium Corporation which holds the distinction of being our longest-standing business partner.

Over the past four decades, our partnership with Indium has been an incredible journey filled with innovation, growth, and shared accomplishments. Together, we’ve navigated industry challenges, embraced technological advancements, and achieved milestones that have not only shaped our successes but have also left a mark on the fields we serve.

Dimac Red’s whole corporate philosophy aims to establish long-term collaborative relationships. We founded our business believing in transparency, synergy, and shared goals, solidifying strong relationships with suppliers and customers. And Indium has played a crucial role in making this commitment possible.

The 1980s: The First Challenges and Achievements

In the early ’80s, we initiated our first contact with the American company Indium Corporation. During that period, Indium was seeking a European partner with the willingness, tools, and professionalism necessary to introduce to the market solder pastes for the production of hybrid circuits—an area where Indium was a true pioneer. On our side, at Dimacred, we recognised the value proposition of Indium and started to introduce its innovative products to our customer network.

Over the years, Indium’s solder pastes have been continuously refined, securing a prominent role in critical circuit applications and receiving approvals from major global industrial groups, influencing the worldwide electronic scenario.

The 1990s: Alloys and Allies

In the late ’90s, this collaboration experienced maximum success as the demand for gold-tin alloy emerged in the market. Indium proved capable of globally supplying these specific items, distinguishing itself for the production of alloys involving various metals, a feature consistently appreciated by our clientele. What made these alloys unique was their bonding ability from temperatures below 100°C  up to brazing temperatures.

We once again recognized the importance of Indium to our business, essentially considering it as the “problem-solving company” in the field of soldering and connections, our irreplaceable ally.

In 1995 in particular, we strategically decided to specialise as distributors of niche products and breakthrough technology solutions to solve the new challenges in the electronic industry. Confirming Indium in our portfolio was a natural choice. This supplier consistently stood out for being at the forefront of providing effective solutions to the semiconductor sector.

Today: Reliability that goes on 

Our partnership with Indium is strong and fruitful. Recently, we introduced Indium’s products to major Italian companies which were in search of specific thermal solutions.

Indium has always been at the forefront of the global electronics sector serving as the steadfast choice for our customers seeking effective problem-solving solutions.

The company is extremely reliable and reputable and consistently receives positive feedback from our clients who operate in cutting-edge sectors such as aerospace, industrial, optoelectronics and circuit testing. They have placed their trust exclusively in Indium, choosing it over other firms.

This 40-anniversary is not just a proof of the longevity of our partnership. It is a celebration of the shared values, trust, and synergy that have been the foundation of our enduring success. We look forward to the next chapter, where we continue to push boundaries and create a legacy that stands the test of time!



For any questions, please contact Dimacred’s team at dimacred@dimacred.com

The two teams in the photo:
  • Ross Berntson, President  –  Indium Corporation
  • Camillo Vitale, Senior Product & Sales Manager  –  Dimac Red
  • Andy Seager, European Sales Manager – Indium Corporation
  • Giuseppe Di Bartolo, President & Founder –  Dimac Red
  • Brian Craig – Managing Director, European Operations – Indium Corporation
  • Matthieu Samain, Latin Regional Sales Manager – Indium Corporation
  • Sara Boarin, Product & Sales Manager –  Dimac Red