Dean Technology and the UMR collection

UMR collection of standard DC/DC power supply modules in earnest has been introduced by Dean Technology.

UMR collection is a full three series of form-fit-function replacements are now available, the A, C, and AA series, and pricing for all should easily beat the other options on the market.

As the Product Manager of D.T. says, “As we generally do for our sales partners, a full product release package is available as well. This includes photos, data sheets, quick start guides, etc. All of this information is also available from the website, so be sure to check there for updates over time.”

Please contact the experts at or call the headquarters in order to get all the due details and information.

The official press release is available here.

More information on Dean Technology are available through Dimac Red. For an overview of the capabilities and services of D.T. please visit their website

D-UMR-AA datasheet is available here 

D-UMR-C datasheet is available here 

D-UMR-A datasheet is available here 

Quick start guides are also available:

UMR-AA Quick start guide

UMR-C Quick start guide

UMR-A Quick start guide