Dimacred’s success on “Il Cittadino” annual business ranking!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news regarding our 2022 revenue, featured on Il Cittadino’s ranking. 

Il Cittadino newspaper has recently unveiled its yearly ranking of the top 500 local businesses from Monza-Brianza based on revenue. In this prestigious list is Dimacred, which has achieved a remarkable feat for the year 2022.

Climbing 27 spots

Dimacred has not only secured a coveted position but has leapt, climbing 27 spots from a respectable 414 to a great 387. This accomplishment is one of the most significant position improvements. And it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to growth and the pursuit of excellence.

Top 500+

Our Vice President, Marco Di Bartolo, had the honour of representing Dimacred at the exclusive “Top 500+” event held at the charming Royal Villa in Monza. This event was a celebration of the province’s top 500 companies. In fact, it brought together influential figures, including the Mayor of Monza, regional assessors, and other distinguished personalities. Among the attendees were prominent figures from those 500 companies, and other distinguished personalities such as the Mayor of Monza, regional assessors and politicians, and Italian Government people.

In conclusion, these significant achievements reflect Dimacred’s dedication to reaching new heights and underscore our commitment to excellence. As we bask in the pride of this success, we remain focused on the future, working tirelessly to achieve even greater milestones.

Stay tuned as we continue to grow, thrive, and make our mark in the local and global business landscape!


For any questions, please contact Dimacred’s team at dimacred@dimacred.com