ES Components produces DLA-certified siliconix hermetic parts

Important updates about siliconix hermetic parts: discover what our partner ES Components has in store!


Following the decision by Siliconix to close their Santa Clara, CA facility, ES Components acquired all available inventory, work-in-progress and die/wafers. Also included was the product documentation/traceability and equipment used on the Siliconix line in Santa Clara, CA. ES Components estimates the current die/wafer inventories can support the market requirements for more than 10 years and in many cases many lifetimes.

ES Components manages assembly and test of DLA-certified siliconix hermetic parts through facilities with approved DLA lab suitability such as VPT Components, a division of SST Components, in Billerica, MA and Microchip Technology.

VPT has completed the qualification of parts to MIL-PRF-19500/476 (2N5114 – 2N5116), 19500/430 (2N5545 – 2N5547) and MIL-PRF19500/385 (2N4856 – 2N4861).

Additional quals to 19500/547 (2N6660 – 2N6661) in a surface mount UB package are in process.

The data has been submitted to DLA and approval is expected soon. In addition, a radiation tolerant option for parts that fall under MIL-PRF-19500/385 has been released.

All “Siliconix Inside” products produced by VPT will be sold exclusively through ES Components.

Further Information

Dimac Red S.p.A. is a partner for ES Components in Europe.