SPS Series, Digital High Voltage Power Supplies by Dean Technologies

Dean Technology, Inc. announced the introduction of its new SPS series of digital high voltage power supplies.

SPS Series are the first products available using the company’s patented technology developed through years of research that drastically improves the performance and capability of high voltage power supplies. The SPS series provide output from positive or negative 250 volts to 6,000 volts at 4, 20, or 30 watts. Additionally, they have the ability to configure or customize performance and features through software. Remote monitoring and control as well as expandable functionality are standard on all models.

DTI’s patented digital high voltage technology represents an overall evolution in the approach to power supply design. By using a fully digital control loop, power supplies can adjust performance based on configurable variables, through communication with remote systems, and based on reactions to conditions monitored while running. The features and electrical performance can be configured and customized through changes to loaded information or simple software modifications. Many aspects of the operational conditions can be monitored remotely and controlled through the same connection. The power supplies constantly log essential information while running that can be used while designing, or to troubleshoot problems that may occur to systems in the field, and there are multiple expansion opportunities using bidirectional signals on available general-purpose input-output (GPIO) pins.

All of this capability produces power supplies with unparalleled flexibility. By modifying the performance and features of the standard hardware through software, custom solutions can be realized without hardware spins or lengthy certification cycles. High voltage designs tailored to exact customer needs can be developed on software timelines. Final configurations can be preloaded and tuned at the factory to make installation in end systems seamless.

The SPS series ranges from 250 volts to 6,000 volts, with both positive and negative outputs. The series’ overall performance and efficiency meet or exceed current standard competitive offerings. Furthermore, all of the added benefits of digital design offer an amazing value in both size and cost. Hardware options are available for commonly required mounting and connection preferences, and all have UL and CE certification for all configurations.

For more information please contact us at dimacred@dimacred.com and check www.deantechnology.com/sps.