Explore possibilities with Central Semiconductor

Dimac Red experts are the right professional team to contact in order to see the technical capabilities and competences offered by Central Semiconductor, in multiple kind of markets.

An updated high level overview of the capabilities of Central Semiconductor to customer-specific adaptations of discrete components is available in this brochure


There is the possibility to adapt the electrical characteristics as well as the package types according to customer requirements. Central Semiconductor also offers up-screening for defense and aerospace applications.

CS makes more than this, being a manufacturer of discrete components based in Hauppauge, New York, USA since 1974. The portfolio includes power and small signal transistors, MOSFETs/JFETs, diodes, rectifiers and thyristors. Besides, long-term product life cycles is one of the points of strengths of the supplier. The components are available as bare die and in the surface mount and through-hole packages.