Kuhne electronic products information

We would like to give you a snapshot of our Partners Kuhne electronic’s most recent product developments

What is new at Kuhne electronic?

1) The newest member in our low noise amplifier line KU LNA BB 0012650 A, is a broadband pre-amplifier designed for versatile applications from 10 MHz up to 26.5 GHz.

2) We are focusing again on Kuhne’s bidirectional amplifier KU BDA 240250-25A – now also available for licensed band operation with KU BDA 230250-25 A.

3) The GaN HEMT wideband amplifier KU PA 200270-10 A / B is based on a strictly modular design, this will be the future platform for other frequency bands.

Enjoy reading and as always, your feedback on our products and services is welcome!

New Low-Noise Broadband and Narrowband RF-Amplifier

The KU LNA BB 0012650 A is Kuhne’s newest low-noise preamplifier and has a bandwidth of 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz and is thus suitable for a variety of applications in the radio-frequency (RF) and microwave range, in particular for the amplification of broadband pulsed signals. Furthermore, the KU LNA BB 0012650 A is characterized by a low noise figure of between 2 dB and 7 dB and a gain of typically 30 dB with gain flatness of  ±2 dB.


  • Low noise figure
  • High bandwidth
  • Good gain flatness
  • Reverse polarity and over-voltage protection

Small mechanical dimensions


Bi-Directional Power Amplifier

The KU BDA 240250–25 A bi-directional amplifier supports various analog and digital modulation types and signal waveforms. The transmitter features LDMOS technology and delivers more than 20 W P1dB power. Switching between transmit and receive path is done automatically depending on the input power level. The receiver’s built-in LNA provides a very low noise figure and additional power gain, which enhances the sensitivity of your receiver.

– No external switching signal is necessary
– High operating safety
– Easy monitoring of the operating condition


S-Band Power Amplifier 

Based on GaN HEMT technology, the amplifier module achieves energy efficiencies greater than 40% over the entire 2000-2700MHz bandwidth at 10W output power. The amplifier is temperature compensated and, despite its high gain (47dB), features a very low gain ripple of typically +/- 0.75 dB across the full bandwidth.

– Very low ripple, noise figure and good
harmonic rejection over the entire
– Robust I/O interface via Sub-D connector
with monitoring outputs for forward and
reverse power as well as temperature
– Available with wide-range supply voltage
input +10 … 50V (version B)


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