Lextar’s new generation I-mini LED modules


Lextar reveals a new generation I-Mini LED Modules Covering TV and Automotive Applications and Entering Mass Production

Lextar Electronics Corp (“Lextar” or the “Company”) (TAIEX: 3698) unveils a full series of I-Mini Blue LED backlighting products adopting 3 key technologies including COB, DOB and mini lens array. Products can be applied to TV, monitor, laptop, automotive display and chart plotters; some of which have been mass-produced and delivered to customers. This ensures Lextar’s leading position in the mini LED backlighting market.

I-mini LED modules

Lextar has been the first to mass-produce mini LED backlights since 2018. This time the company presents four new-generation I-Mini products. These new I-Mini backlights adopt COB (Chip on Board) tech and directly implant its in-house flip-chip mini LED chips on the light board. As a result, it can realize ultra-thin panel design of zero OD (Optical Distance). In addition, the DOB (Driver on Board) technology integrates the driver IC and microcontroller (MCU) on the light board for multi-zone control. Lextar’s new multi-channel driver IC increases the number of backlight control areas by 5 times to more than 1,000 zones. Therefore the number of ICs can be reduced by 50%. And the display can achieve a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. Moreover, with the latest mini lens array technology, I-Mini can achieve a wide beam angle (>160°) and high light extraction rate, increasing the panel brightness to 1600 nits, which is three times the brightness of the traditional panel. The three technologies of COB, DOB, and mini lens array show the advantages of Lextar’s vertical integration. Additionally unveiling the key benefits of the new generation Mini LED products.

Production phases

The most anticipated among all applications is Mini LED TVs, and Lextar is to be the first to launch a 65-inch I-Mini LED TV backlight. By using around 20,000 mini LED chips and combining the three major technologies, Lextar releases a new I-Mini with more than 1,000 zones and a high dynamic contrast ratio (HDR) of 1600. In addition, Lextar also introduced I-Mini for 12.3-inch automotive display, with an ultra-high brightness of 1600 nits to enhance sunlight readability, and local dimming of over 360 zones to increase contrast. It has also adopted high tolerance material to push the lifetime up to 50,000 hours. I-Mini has demonstrated the advantages in terms of high brightness and reliability. The application will extend to land, marine and air displays shortly.

Lextar has also released modified I-Minis for 17.3-inch laptops and 34-inch monitors. Its unique optical design reduces the number of mini LED chips by more than 20%. While still maintaining fine area control and ultra-thin design. This product will bring gamers and professional creators a brand new visual impact.

Statements & info

“Ever since the mass production of Lextar’s I-Mini backlighting products in 2018, Lextar has been the pioneer in this field” Mitch Lee (Vice President of Lextar). This time, Lextar extends the application to TV and automotive display to demonstrate its capability for mass production. It is foreseeable that the Mini LED market will grow rapidly in 2021~2022. Lextar is working with both panel and brand customers and will extend to more applications.

For more about the new I-Mini LED series, view the video: https://youtu.be/rlxLHwmCePk and contact the experts at dimacred@dimacred.com