Message from the CEO of the company to customers

Our CEO, Mr. Valter Arosio, has written a letter to our customers

The CEO of the Company wants to provide updates on how Dimac Red is continuing to provide support to the business of our Customers through smart initiatives.

Please read the open letter reported below:

“Dear Dimac Red Customer,

despite the doctors improving the therapies against the disease and despite there being multiple vaccines, the critical situation caused by the COVID-19 Virus is still impacting our lives. And our business. We have to be patient for another quarter before the restrictions could be eased, in my view, reporting our freedom at least to the level it was last Summer.

Following the letters from the CEO of Dimac Red along 2020, the legislative decree of the President of the Italian Council of Ministers applicable since March 6th 2021, and in the Duty of Care of all our employees, we are working in full respect of the rules to guarantee the health of our employees and of our Customers.

Many of us are working from our own homes in Smart Working mode having all the necessary tools and systems. Many others are working from the office at least 3 days per week.

Dimac Red Team is still healthy and operative. We want to continue to support you and your business with accountability and passion.

In this perspective, we notified our Customers that we are flexible to honor orders with long terms deliveries in order to mitigate the long lead times affecting the vast majority of the components and subsystems. There has been a huge demand for 5G, laptops, and some areas of Automotive. In addition, Factories have not increased their Manufacturing throughput; the additional precautions to guarantee the health of the workers contributed to increasing the lead time. As a consequence, we highly encourage our customers to order in advance, also by issuing scheduled orders.

Last but not least, we are offering opportunities for virtual meetings, training, and webinars through conference calls (e.g. Go To Meeting, Web Ex, Phone Calls etc.) as an alternative approach to our usual business practice.

This process has started to be widely implemented in 2020. Now Dimac Red Sales Team is fully familiar with this approach to serving Customers. Of course, we hope to go back to daily face-to-face meetings at the Customer Site, which historically created our success and strengths in the design-in activity. We will resume the visits to Customers as soon as the situation recovers.

In these tough times, we have to inject all our talent and skills into our daily activities.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail at and I will be happy to reply to you.

Thank you”


Valter Arosio