MTCON, TE Connectivity/ Kissling and FAUN for tomorrow’s garbage trucks

Can you imagine silent and innovative garbage trucks? Here are some tips from our suppliers.

They are real power horses, FAUN Umwelttechnik’s modern garbage trucks. The company features a great variety of efficient, sustainable garbage vehicles. As FAUN engineers and designers are always integrating additional improvements, for users and the environment alike, they are now bringing tomorrow’s garbage vehicle to the road. The new FAUN refuses collection vehicles with hydrogen fuel cells for even cleaner, more silent and more environmentally friendly garbage collection. Performance of the new vehicles is enabled by high voltage power distribution boards which were developed by switching solution expert TE / Kissling in cooperation with high power contact specialist MTCON.

In the new FAUN vehicle prototypes powerful hydrogen fuel cells produce power directly on board which is stored in innovative lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle’s two electric motors feature a total of 260 kW continuous power. This is enough battery-electric power for collecting two times ten tons of garbage, with a 40-minute quick charge. The fuel cells and tanks further increase the vehicle’s reach. This saves up to 40 per cent of energy. Vehicle operation is free of CO2 and NOx, with significantly reduced particulates. In addition to their enormous environmental friendliness, the new vehicles feature additional advantages: thanks to their silent operation they enable night tours without disturbing residents or traffic. They are also permitted in green zones where traditional combustion engines are banned. First prototypes are already in operation.

Combined expertise for success

For ensuring reliable high power performance, the vehicles use special high voltage electronic boards developed by switching solution expert TE / Kissling with components and expertise of high power specialist MTCON. Three of these boards are integrated into the hydrogen fuel cell garbage truck. Each board enables an output of up to 1,000 kWh.

“We have been successfully working with MTCON for many years”, says Karl Steimle, Head of Development at TE / Kissling. “MTCON brings many years of process and technology expertise to our product design and production optimization. The fully integrated, high-performance electronic boards that we developed with MTCON for FAUN are an intelligent combination of our TE/ Kissling Relays with MTCON’s Power Elements and additional high-performance components. These high power/high voltage boards save space and feature ultimate reliability over the vehicle’s complete life. Thanks to our special design the circuit board also acts as a heat sink.”

“At MTCON we support our partners with our development expertise in the implementation of their own electronic modules for their customers’ circuit board power issues”, says Mario Tolj, Managing Director of MTCON. “Working together with TE / Kissling in the prototype phase of this exciting FAUN program was a great experience for us. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are important for the future of mobility. With our products and technologies, we make them even more efficient.”

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