NetPower provides access to more product-related documents

How to facilitate your product selection process? NetPower unlocks free product datasheets for partners and customers.

Our partner NetPower continues to invest in multiple areas in order to deliver state-of-the-art electronic solutions. Particularly, the supplier stands out for its great flexibility both in the supply of products and user manuals and in the types of markets it targets.

In line with its commitment to fully meet customers’ and market needs, the provider has unlocked a renovated guide selection. Anyone can download it through the following link:

With this guide, customers can get access to product-related documents. For example, on onboard battery chargers, the company offers DC/DC and DC/AC converters able to drive difficult loads thanks to high current generators and highly performing control units.

Together with NetPower, Dimac Red can give support to make the best choice among the products available:

  • DC-DC converters
  • EV brochure
  • AC-DC product
  • LED driver
  • DC-DC Power Solutions
  • E-Mobility Power Solutions
  • Industrial Power Solutions
  • Telecom & Networking Power Solutions
NetPower core business

NetPower was born as a company for power supplies for telecom applications with a Design Center in Austin, Texas. Subsequently, it has opted for diversification in industrial activities. For instance, Dimac Red supplies the Lambda Spa of Vicenza, which deals with machinery for dentists, with NetPower devices.
Another interesting field is e-mobility (electric or electrified vehicles). The company has developed 800v or 400v battery chargers.
All these facts confirm that this partner really excels in several fields. And, primarily, NetPower shows great expertise in high-reliability design. All standard and custom products have high efficiency and high power density, which is suitable for high reliability and high-density system design.
So, which applications are you interested in? Contact our experts for a tailor-made business plan.

Insight: E-Mobility Power Solutions

Among the list of leaflets provided, Dimac red experts would channel your attention to one specific area: NetPower EV power systems.

Regarding this application, the key features are:

• DC-DC input range 65-800VDC and OBC input range: 85-265VAC

• Up to 6.0KW peak power for on-board DC-DC converter and 11KW for on-board chargers

• Parallel operation for higher power

• UDS bootloader, diagnostic optional

• Customized CAN communication optional

• IP67 rating, liquid or forced air cooled

• J1939 communication, bootloader diagnostic optional

• Low profile

• Active power factor correction, PF>0.95

• Compliance with SAE J1772

• Intelligent charging

• Full set of protection features