NVE introduces noncontact ABZ TMR magnetic encoder sensor

A new magnetic encoder sensor enriched the NVE family!

NVE is launching a new addition to its ASR family of Smart Angle Sensors, the ASR022-10E ABZ TMR Magnetic Encoder Sensor. The new parts have familiar ABZ outputs to easily replace optical encoders.


More Rugged than Optical Encoders

Unlike optical encoders, these sensors are noncontact, have wide mechanical tolerances, and are not susceptible to dust or contamination.

Small, Fast, Accurate, and Low-Power

With their unique TMR technology, ASR022 sensors are smaller, faster, more accurate, and lower power than other magnetic encoders.

Key ASR022 features include:
• Ultraminiature 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.8 mm DFN package
• 12500 samples/second
• 512 virtual lines (128 cycles) per revolution
• Flexible 2.2 to 3.6 V supply range
• Low 4 mA typical supply current
• Robust airgap and misalignment tolerances
• Full -40 °C to 125 °C operating range

Demonstration Board

The AG964-07E Demonstration Board has everything needed to test and evaluate the ASR022:

The board includes:
• ASR022-10E Sensor
• A four-digit display to indicate rotation
• Part # 12426 split-pole Alnico 5 round horseshoe magnet
• LEDs for A, B, Z, and Direction outputs
• Plastic magnet locating fixture
• Powered by two AAA batteries (included)

Part of a Groundbreaking Family

The ASR022 is part of our industry-leading line of TMR smart angle sensors, which also includes the SPI ASR002 and the I²C ASR012.

Part Number Evaluation
Resolution Outputs
ASR022-10E AG964-07 512 lines ABZ; Dir
ASR012-10E AG963-07 0.2° I²C; PWM
ASR002-10E AG956-07 SPI
Available Now

The new ASR022-10E sensors and evaluation kits are available now for immediate delivery. The ASR022-10E is the same price as ASR002-10E and ASR012-10E sensors. The new part will be publicly announced in our May 6 customer newsletter.