Superjunction and power MOSFET applications by IceMOS

How can Superjunction technology work and impact on the high voltage power MOSFETs? Let’s delve into its features and let’s introduce you to the MEMS MOSFET by IceMOS!

About Superjunction

Superjunction technology is a trend for power design, or better a revolutionary technology for high voltage power MOSFETs. Here’s the truth, its distinguishing features consist in breaking the so-called “Silicon Limit” and achieving high voltage and low ignition resistance, side by side. As a matter of principle, the breakdown voltage of the MOSFET is dominated by the concentration of the silicon material carrier and it is directly linked to the on-resistance of the device. Therefore, the performance of the conventional power device is theoretically predicted according to the “Silicon Limit”. In this way, the Superjunction technology offers a significant benefit, overcoming such a barrier.


Dimac Red’s partner IceMOS Technology manufactures IceMOS MEMS MOSFETs. In other words, a Superjunction high voltage MOSFETs. By blending silicon MOSFET technology and MEMS process technology, IceMOS is able to deliver the world-best-in-class performances. How does it work? The well-known MEMS technology has been formulated from unique manufacturing processes as opposed to the MOSFET technology which continues to advance mainly for smaller sizes. The combination of both technologies encourages development in the extreme performance of Superjunction MOSFET.

IceMOS MEMS MOSFET has superior features and a wide range of applications.

Superjunction Top Features

  • Low on-Resistance
  • Ultra-low gate charge
  • Elevated dv/dt capability
  • High unclamped inductive switching (UIS) capability
  • High peak current capability
  • Increased transconductance performance

Superjunction Applications

  • Power supplies
  • IT hardware: data center, servers, cloud, laptops, tablets
  • Lighting: HID lamp and LED ballast
  • LED TV drivers and power supplies
  • Solar inverters
  • Electric and hybrid cars

Superjunction Portfolio

IceMOS offers a variety of voltages (600v – 650v – 700v – 730v) and packages for suitable applications:

  • TO220 (Non-Isolated)
  • TO220 Fullpak (Isolated)
  • TO247
  • D2PAK / TO263
  • DPAK / TO252
  • I2PAK / TO262
  • IPAK / TO251
  • Bare die and wafers

As you can observe in the figures on the side, the tab and the graph show the comparisons between different technologies to obtain the various results.

Would you like to delve into it more? Do not hesitate to ask us your questions about Superjunction, power MOSFETs and power applications. Our experts will be glad to answer you and impart their knowledge.