15W non-isolated DC-DC converter with fast transient response

NetPower announces the release of 18-36V to 0.9-1.1V NPS3 non-isolated DC-DC converter.

The 15W NPS3 is a non-isolated DC-DC converter. Its main feature is the fast transient response and low ripple voltage characteristics, suitable for low output voltage point-of-load applications in computing and similar digital consumer applications.

NPS3 non-isolated DC-DC converter has built-in features of power good signal, monotonic start-up and output voltage trim. The converter has very good transient response performance; the output ripple voltage of the converter is controlled within 20mV when the load steps from 50% to full load or from full load down to 50% condition. Protection against over current and over temperature is also standard.

The NPS3009x015S25 converter is now available; please contact the experts at dimacred@dimacred.com

or visit www.netpowercorp.com for more information and support.