35 mW: colour low power display for mobile devices

35 mW is the newly  2.4-inch TFT colour display developed by our partner Display Visions. Read the full news to discover it. 

35mW in details
35mW  is the newly developed 2.4-inch TFT colour display particularly suitable for mobile use due to its low energy consumption. It requires only 10 mA power consumption at 3.3 V and shows sharp contrasts even in sunlight.

With the EA TFT024-23ATNN, our partner DISPLAY VISIONS has a particularly economical colour display for use in mobile devices in its range. It is very easy to read both with and without backlight. Without backlight, the power consumption is only 35 mW. During an eight-hour working day, this burdens a LiPo battery with no more than 75 mAh. The positive TFT panel with a white background can be operated both in colour and in black and white. As a transflective display, it also uses the incident light for a high-contrast display in addition to the integrated backlight. Even in bright sunlight, the display can therefore be clearly read from wide angles.

Key features

The resolution of the 2.4 inch display is 240×320 RGB pixels. It is a total of about 43 mm wide and 60 mm high. It is connected to the driver electronics via a FPC cable. In addition to the standard RGB interface, a pin-saving 4-wire SPI interface and a parallel µC data bus with 8- or 16-bit width are available.

For SMD mounting, suitable connectors are available as accessories.

The TFT colour display is designed for professional use and can be used in a wide operating temperature range from -20° to +70°C. Its service life is 50,000 hours.

The height of only 3 mm allows for a flat design and the very narrow edges of the display make the best use of the available space – ideal for a smart hand-held device.

The new display is now available. What are you waiting for?


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