Antenna Selection Guide by Johanson: a brilliant Designer Engineer’s

Antenna Chip Selection Guide is a useful tool early in the design process when a decision on which Johanson Technology antenna chips will be selected.

Select the right antenna for your design using Johanson Technology’s comprehensive step-by-step selection guide. It’s interactive, easy to use and will assist technicians in finding the ideal antenna part number tailored specifically to the product’s needs.

Click on the part numbers to be taken to the product information page containing links to the datasheet, S-Parameters and more.

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Selection Guide Information

First, the designer must choose what type
of layout is desired based on the product shape and remove allowable antenna chip placement.

The mounting plays a critical role in antenna chip selection.

It is important that the designer understands that the “Antenna Optimization Process” is composed of the following:

All four of these features work together to determine the final system performance. As such, changes to the no-ground area or chip locations relative to the edge of the circuit board can result in substandard performance.

Once the layout type has been selected, then determine the application type and associated operational frequency.

In some cases, the selection guide will provide two antenna chip options. We have identified features that should lead the designer to aspecific selection.

Antenna Optimization Process
  • Chips associated internal circuitry 
  • The top RF ground plane
  • Geometry of the no-ground area 
  • And the edge of the circuit board


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