OLED displays: available today and tomorrow

Speaking of OLED displays, the availability of components in the electronics industry is currently a trend topic. In most cases, a single thoughtlessly selected component part is all it takes to cause a total production stop if there are disruptions in the supply chain.


OLED displays of the “EA OLED” series are available, now from stock and, in the next 10 years, without any technical modifications. They come out in a variety of versions. For example, as a graphic display with 128×64 (EA OLEDM128-6) or 102×64 dots (EA OLEDS102-6). Or again as a pure text variant with 4×20 characters (EA OLEDM204-A). Thanks to their high contrast and exceptionally wide viewing angle, they all offer outstanding readability. A unique selling point of these displays is their very rapid response time, which loses nothing of its crispness even at arctic temperatures of up to -40°C.

These OLED displays are optionally available with an additional front screen for extra protection against scratching and UV radiation. It would reduce the service life of this display technology. In addition, microcontroller systems can connect them via either an SPI or I²C bus interface.

The modules are fitted with connecting pins in a 2.54-mm grid. As a result, they fit both initial prototypes built on the breadboard and series production. This happens because soldering into a PCB eliminates the need for any other assembly structures. A USB test board is available for quick and easy startup.

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