CISSOID & Silicon Mobility announce a partnership for Compact & Efficient SiC Inverters for New Energy Vehicles

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium / Sophia Antipolis, France – December 9, 2021. CISSOID announce the integration of Silicon Mobility’s OLEA® FPCU controller with CISSOID’s Silicon Carbide (SiC) Intelligent Power Module (IPM) platform. This new highly integrated platform will accelerate the development of compact and efficient SiC Inverters for EV motor drives.


Our partner CISSOID is the leader in high-temperature Semiconductors, Power Modules, and Silicon Mobility. Additionally, it is known as the technology leader inventor of the FPCU (Field Programmable Controller Unit) semiconductor architecture. For ultra-fast and critically safe real-time control for New Energy Vehicles!


The partnership with Silicon Mobility

The partnership will deliver a SiC Inverter modular platform, offering highly integrated hardware and optimized software. Firstly, we are talking about a power module and its gate driver with protections and fault management. Secondly, an ultra-fast FPCU controller and its application software are optimized for e-motor control. CISSOID’s IPMs integrate a 3-Phase 1200V/340A-550A SiC MOSFET Power Module with a temperature-robust gate driver enabling low switching losses and high power density. Silicon Mobility OLEA® FPCU controller and OLEA® APP INVERTER software enable fast and highly efficient electric motor control.

“Silicon Mobility ultra-fast OLEA FPCU is the perfect technology to control our SiC IPM platform in motor drive applications” (Pierre Delatte, CTO of CISSOID). “The capability of SiC power modules to switch faster and to operate at higher frequencies makes it essential to have access to a controller technology capable of running real-time algorithms faster.” In addition, OLEA FPCU’s low power consumption is a key advantage in building highly compact and efficient traction inverters.

“CISSOID SiC IPM platform is a great technology in helping to accelerate the development of SiC power converters” (David Fresneau, VP Marketing, and Business Development at Silicon Mobility). By combining CISSOID tech with an OLEA® control solution, the company offers a unique hardware and software platform. In conclusion, smart and critically safe SiC inverters are now possible.

The resulting SiC Inverter platform will be available for customers by early Q2-2022. More information is available by contacting CISSOID and Silicon Mobility, or visiting  CISSOID – SiC Power Modules – Inverter Platform or Silicon Mobility – OLEA APP INVERTER Websites for advanced information.

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