Compact colour displays for handheld devices

Display Visions‘ compact colour displays are bright and sharp but with less power consumption!


Compact graphic display TFT015-22AI

TFT015-22AI is bright and sharp, but economical in power consumption. Its IPS panel scores thanks highly to its all-around viewing angle and readability in sunlight.

The active area of the IPS colour display measures just 28 mm square. But despite this small size, the resolution of 240×240 pixels provides a detailed and crisp graphic display with a 16-bit colour resolution. The maximum brightness of 1,100 cd/m² ensures a high-contrast display even under extreme light conditions, such as in bright sunlight or operating room lamps. Unlike other LCD screens, the contrast of this IPS panel remains nearly the same even at very oblique viewing angles thanks to the AACS technology. The external installation dimensions are 32x35x3.2 mm.

The 16-bit RGB, 18-bit or 8-bit parallel and SPI interfaces are available for control. The supply voltage is 3.3 V. Due to the low current consumption, typically 20 to 80 mA, compact colour displays are ideal for installation in battery-operated handheld devices. And this is over a wide temperature range from -20 to 70 °C.


The coloured IPS panel is also available with a capacitive touchscreen surface as the TFT015-22AITC. At 44x46x3.5 mm, it is somewhat larger but its maximum brightness – 1,000 cd/m² – is only slightly lower. On the other hand, the glued touchscreen surface protects it even better against external weather influences.

It is assembled by simply sticking it in place. For testing purposes or to quickly and easily connect to various microcontrollers, Display Visions also offers a test and adapter board with corresponding software for these displays (9782-1USB). TFT015-22AI and TFT015-22AITC are available in any amount from 1 piece upwards for immediate delivery. Display Visions guarantees availability for at least ten years.

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