CoVid-19 Emergency Update: The CEO message

Message from the CEO of the Company to Customers and Partners:

Dear Dimac Red Customer and Partner, the critical situation caused by COVID-19 Virus is impacting our lives, our business.

I’m here to communicate that, following the new the legislative decree of the President of the Italian Council of Ministers dated March 22nd 2020 and in the Duty of Care of all our Employees, we are forced to close all our premises including warehouse.

Starting from today and according to the legislative decree mentioned here herein above, all Dimac Red S.p.A. Employees are working from their own home in Remote Working mode having all the necessary tools and systems.

Despite this very hard decision, we want to assure you that Dimac Red Team is still healthy and operative and that we want to continue to support you and your business with accountability and passion.

We take the opportunity to offer meetings, trainings and webinars through conference calls (e.g. GoToMeeting, WebEx, Phone Calls etc.) as alternative approach to our usual business practice.

Of course, this is pushing one step further our new ways to contact Customers in multiple territories, across Europe and the USA, started with the channels available in the professional network of LinkedIn. They are complementary to daily face to face meetings at Customer Site, that historically created our success and strengths in the design-in activity. We will resume the visits to Customers as soon as the situation recovers.

In these tough times, we have to inject all our talent and skills in our daily activities.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dimac Red Team through e-mail : we will be happy to reply to you.

Thank you