Dean Technology and higher standard of DC/DC power supplies

Dean Technology introduces the Output Filter Option for the UMR-A Series of High Voltage Power Supply Modules

Dean Technology‘s new output filer option for the UMR-A Series of high voltage power supplies significantly reduces ripple, giving a very clean and stable output signal ideal for more sensitive applications.  The low ripple filter option reduces output ripple by 70% or more. It is available now on all versions of the UMR-A series, including those with advanced interface options.

The UMR-A Series is a form-fit-function replacement for industry-standard modules at a competitive cost. UMR-A modules feature:

  • Low Ripple
  • High Stability
  • High Efficiency

Visit this website to view the press release for the new output filter option as well as information on our full line of UMR products. Information about Dean Technology and all of our standard high voltage power supplies are also available.

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