Dean Technology’s three new surface mount parts in the SL series

Dean Technology today announced the addition of three moreparts to its SL series of surface mount high voltage diodes.

The SL series opens up to three new parts. The SLA20S, SLA25S, and SLA30S bring the highest voltage rating seen in a surface mount diode with peak inverse voltage ratings of20,000, 25,000 and 30,000 volts respectively.Visit DTI website for additional details and read this official press release

Along with the news above, Dean Technology Inc. launched the parametric search feature for rectifiers.You can access the advanced search from the center of the home page, or in the header of any page on the site.Or simply click here: 

This search feature allows users to filter all of Dean Technology’s extensive rectification products by common technical specifications and package types. As a result, users can rapidly identificate the correct product to meetspecific needs.

The advanced product search function is an extension of the custom-built product database that is theheart of the Dean Technology website, and represents the next level of user experience for technical highvoltage customers. The same feature will be extended to DTI’s suppression and capacitor. In fact, the company continues to invest in providing industry leading tools to support their customers.