Dimac Red and EA invite customers to Embedded World 2021

Electronic Assembly is a leader in LCD Displays, OLED, and TFT Display Modules for Industrial and Medical Equipment with and without touch

Thanks to our partner Electronic Assembly, the virtual trade fair Embedded world 2021 (1-5 March) will allow you to inform yourself about EA products in the online presentation of embedded2021 and then talk directly to your individual contact person by pressing a click button. Everyone can do it either by telephone or direct call with a video function.

Our contact person will advise you immediately and, if you like, show you our displays in full operation by video. Many experts will be available and happy to assist you.


Information about the Fair is available at the Embedded World website https://www.embedded-world.de/en/exhibition-info

EA performed multiple activities in order to make this trade show a success.  In the run-up to the trade fair, EA have already drawn attention to our participation in numerous campaigns. During the trade fair, this will be further supported by multimedia platforms. Dimac Red echoed and supported these activities by informing customers with tailored e-mails and phone calls.

During the exhibitions there will be presentations, discussions and round table on the most relevant and attractive topics.

The fair special offer article will be the 2.8″ HMI with air quality sensors, EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA   , orderable from now and deliverable since March 1st.

Key features:

Measure air quality: CO2 (ppm), temperature (°C) and humidity (%RH)

– Temperature measurement via I²C

– Humidity measurement via I²C

– RTC (time) via I²C

– Reset button

– Measuring points for GND and VDD

– Display EA uniTFTs028-ATC in 2.8″ with PCAP / Touch-Panel

– incl. USB cable



A clear contrast TFT for measured values and for use as a status display. Brilliant colors thanks to IPS technology and optically bonded touch. Refined with an extremely bright illumination with typ. 780 cd/m². A viewing angle of over 340°. Despite the compact design, inputs are possible by light touches on the surface. The surface itself is made of scratch-resistant glass and is easy to clean

More information is available in the datasheet.


With a graphics tool specially adapted to the capabilities of this display, screen layouts and user interfaces are created in no time at all. Touch fields, texts, and images are integrated into individual screen pages using the drag & drop function. The properties of an object (position, size, angle, transparency) are quickly and easily adjusted. As well as the standardized stylesheets, which define among other things the fill color, the outline, and the font.  Included is a complete simulator, macro editor, and debugger, which allows you to develop and test all projects even without hardware.

Please contact the experts at dimacred@dimacred.com or call Dimac Red headquarter for any question you might have.