Discover CellDule by LS Materials

CellDule is the world’s first integrated cell-module Ultra Capacitor! Discover its features and get inspired.

CellDule represents the world’s first cell-module-integrated Ultra Capacitor (UC). It is developed by our partner LS Materials, a subsidiary of LS Cable & System.

Key Features

Batteries are typically manufactured in stages: cell, module, and pack. This product, eliminates the cell packaging process, reducing volume and weight by over 30% while increasing energy density.
With its high energy density and cost competitiveness, we expect CellDule to quickly replace traditional cell-based products.

CellDule was showcased this month at the power semiconductor exhibition PCIM Europe 2024 in Germany, where it received attention and was praised for being innovative.


By focusing on aspects such as robots, wind turbine generators, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), and ESS (Energy Storage Systems). In this way the company plans to widen the market. And, of course, Dimacred is here to support them every step of the way.



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