E-Reon’s Sband HPS 2730M 60+ ideal for laboratory!

SBAND HPS 2730M 60+ by E-REON is a compact, highly efficient, solid-state power amplifier in 19” 3U rack chassis form that delivers 1000 watts of peak power at 2856 MHz. Ideal for laboratory testing!


  1. A description of SBAND HPS 2730M 60+

The E-Reon’s SBAND HPS 2730M 60+ is an amplifier that provides 70 dB of gain with -30dBs gain variation capability. Based on the latest and more mature LDMOS, this kind of high-power amplifier achieves a drain efficiency of more than 50% in high-power transistors. As a result, SBAND HPS is provided as a RED series amplifier, that is ideal for Aerospace & Defense. 

In detail, E-REON Green Series HPS PAs are provided in 19” Rack chasses. For proper thermal management, our partner E-REON offers them depending on the power level with forced air or water-cooling capability.

Shortly, here below we summarize the three main features of SBAND HPS 2730M 60+ :

  • • 1000W Peak Output Power
  • • 2700 MHz to 3000 MHz, 3dB BW
  • • 0dBm Input Power to Peak Output Power
Top Features
  • • 1000 Watts RF Output Power
  • • Optimized for phase and pulse stability
  • • High efficiency(2) >50%
  • • Designed for pulsed operation
  • • Blanking Operation
  • • Minimal integration requirements
  • • Small form factor
  • • Ease of use
  • • S-Band Radar
  • • High Energy
  • • Physics
  • Radar Decoys
  • Research and Development
  • Labs Radar Simulators

Additionally, the SBAND HPS series of amplifiers cover 2.7GHz to 3.5GHz in various BWs. Typical power levels of 500W, 1KW, and 2KW are available.

In conclusion, to identify the proper model for your application, please consult Dimac Red. We can help you, with further details and more solutions dedicated to testing & measurement, production & labs.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at dimacred@dimacred.com or call the headquarters.