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We want to give you some interesting information about solutions in the railway/transport sector.
Managing the railway network

Let’s start this article by analyzing some problems on the management of the railway network. The management is always important and complex. With the ever increasing demand for safety, improving the aspects concerning surveillance, maintenance and inspection is necessary. As a result, workers must maintain thousands of kilometers of track and hundreds of trains, as well as install IT solutions to withstand these environments. Moreover, there are other applications, which can make a significant contribution to safety, such as viewing live video when a locomotive is maneuvering. In conclusion, Getac solutions for rail applications can provide a solid support for professionals working to maintain an efficient and safe rail network.

IT solutions: challenges and solutions

Here’s the truth, IT solutions for the railway sector must face two major challenges: being able to function both in long-term operations on board trains and in the harsh outdoor environments of those who maintain infrastructure. For these reasons, Getac manufactures inherently robust and certified devices, in compliant with the international third-party organizations up to MIL-STD 810H standards and up to IP66 degree of protection. All the products work perfectly in extreme weather conditions and withstand shocks, vibrations, cold temperatures, humidity, dust and drops from heights up to about 180 cm.

How to provide connectivity and safety even when it’s pouring? Getac has the answers

Rail connectivity is critical, from field communications to the transmission of cargo manifests and other documents. On one hand, the products provided by Getac, with dedicated GPS, 4G and Wi-Fi 6, support professionals to stay connected and ensure their safety. On other hand, they help those professionals who work outdoors for most of their time, dealing with railway maintenance, management and inspectionFor example when it rains, they must wear gloves even with a stylus. So, the LumiBond® 2.0 technology offers them a better touch control. In addition, it provides a more readable display both indoors and outdoors, showing better contrast and sharper colors. 

In conclusion, in sunlight or rain, the devices’ highly readable screens help professionals access the information they need, where they need it.

Getac’s mobile solutions

Getac’s mobile solutions comprehend fully rugged tablets that put service documentation and diagnostics directly at the fingertips of technicians. When? While onboard trains and during track inspections or activities on vehicles or stations. The digitizer pen (which is optional) and stylus help replace pen and paper for recording jobs, making it easier to store and transfer data and helping you digitize your operations. Last by not least you gain the possibility to have a “Predictive maintenance”.

Having said that, we want to focus on the prerogatives of Getac solutions:
Highly integrated solutions

For both outdoor inspections and on-board train activities, such as surveillance and documentation management, a computer is not isolated: it often requires appropriate supports and accessories. We work closely with the partners to offer a fully integrated solution that includes hardware, mounting kits, mobile.

Long-lasting batteries

Industry professionals have many issues to worry about – battery drain shouldn’t be one of them. In addition to the long-lasting batteries of our devices, the solution also includes dual battery products, hot swappable battery and backup battery.

Exceptional TCO and ROI

Getac’s fully rugged devices offer unbeatable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI), one of the industry’s lowest average failure rates and an unrivaled three-year warranty. Bumper to Bumper – which includes accidental damage as standard for fully rugged products.

High processing power

Many applications, such as real-time video surveillance of trains and stations, require significant processing power. Getac’s solution offers devices with powerful Intel® Core ™ i7 and i5 vPro ™ processors, capable of simultaneously viewing multiple videos and running powerful software tools for rail network management.

A series of examples on how to use Getac Tablets and Laptops in this area can be and not only:

• GSMR network monitoring
• Surveillance
• Maintenance
• Predictive maitenance
• Inspections
• Area control
• Etc….

Getac products can be the best solutions in all those situations where reliability, ruggedness and performance are extremely important.

Industrial Manufacturing
Public Safety
Natural Resourses/Energy
Transport & Logistic

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