HFC50-W/G is th new powerful DC/DC converter for railway and rough environment

The brand new converter for wall mounting has an ultra-wide input voltage range between 14,4…154VDC with a power of 50 Watt. So one single converter suits for all international on-board power supply volt-ages for rail vehicles (24 V to 110 V) including the tolerance range of +/- 40% required according to EN 50155. This ultra-wide voltage range is an optimum solution for companies acting Europe-wide offering them the chance to qualify components cost-efficiently with one single converter.

About temperature, shock/vibration, damp heat and the railway-specific EMC criteria according to EN50121-3-2, as well as radiated emissions, surge, burst and ESD strict compliance with EN50155 is pro-vided without additional components. Further, the converter has an integrated hold up time of 10 ms (class S2). A high efficiency up to 92% allows the HEC50 to run without any derating within the temperature range of -40…85°C according class TX.

Standard features are inrush current limitation as well as excess voltage and excess temperature protection. In addition, the converter is open-circuit stable and continuously short-circuit proof.

The chosen PCB material was based on the experience of Fire & Smoke tests according to EN45545-2 (R25, HL 3).

The converters can be ordered now; available are versions with 12 V or 24 V out. Other outputs will be available on request.

For any questions, please contact the experts at dimacred@dimacred.com or call the headquarter.