How to easily purchase Hermetic Solutions Group’s DiaCool samples

Hermetic Solutions Group can now provide Dimac Red’s customers with DiaCooTM samples for testing and evaluation in heat spreader applications


Customers can order DiaCool samples for testing and evaluation 

The website of our partner Hermetic Solutions Group offers a new feature that allows our customers and prospective customers to purchase samples of DiaCoolTM.
Visitors can get to the page by clicking on the Resources Link and then clicking “Order DiaCool Samples”. Or can directly place orders here:

Hermetic Solutions has quick-turn DiaCool samples in various sizes, plated and ready for shipping within a few days of ordering. The purpose is to get samples for testing and evaluation into the hands of the engineers as quickly and efficiently as possible. In short, if you are a prospect and express interest in wanting samples, we would suggest you check the partner’s website so you can easily order them.
Dimac Red team will be sending an email blast to our customer base notifying them. In addition, a LinkedIn post will be posted shortly soon.

DiaCoolTM features

DiaCoolTM, a diamond-based composite from Hermetic Solutions Group, delivers a device-friendly coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and very high thermal conductivity that can satisfy the most demanding high power density applications. Therefore, DiaCool materials exhibit excellent surface quality for die attach and soldering needs. As a result, the material is easily adaptable to customer-specific designs. As a result, it’s a cost-effective solution to increase the long-term reliability of power, RF, laser diodes, or any applications where thermal management is the key to longevity.
To collect all the details, a datasheet of the DiaCool materials is available here:

More samples are coming

At the moment anyone can purchase the initial grade of Copper Diamond. In the coming weeks/months, Hermetic Solutions Group will make the Silver Diamond active too. In conclusion, if you need something customized, please contact us to discuss a custom piece and work together on it.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at or call the headquarters.