IL700V-series isolators by NVE

IL700V-Series isolators have been upgraded from 6 kV to a remarkable 7 kVrms (9.9 kVpk) with an improved process!

IL700V-Series: a revolutionary technology by NVE Corporation

A unique ceramic/polymer composite isolation barrier also provides the industry’s best barrier resistance and virtually unlimited life. IL700V-series isolators are certified under the stringent new VDE 0884-17 standard. In addiction, they are UL1577 registered, and ATEX / IECEx certified for IS-to-IS intrinsically safe applications.

NVE’s revolutionary patented GMR isolation technology provides best-in-class performance with no RF carriers or refresh clocks for virtually no radiated emissions.

Standard Package

The 16-pin SOIC package is the standard wide-body size, but unlike other similar packages, it has true 8 mm creepage under IEC 60601.

Extended Temperature Range

V-Series isolators have a 125°C extended temperature range.

A Full Range of Configurations

All three standard four-channel configurations are in stock for immediate delivery, with two- and five-channel versions coming soon.




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