iSAFT WizardLink Front-End by Teletel

The iSAFT WizardLink Front-End is a new data interface provided by our partner Teletel. Discover its main features, competitive advantages, benefits and application areas.

The iSAFT WizardLink Front-End by Teletel is a WizardLink data interface with advanced asynchronous transmission and traffic generation capabilities that simulate WizardLink devices or instruments, enabling S/C integration tests before the availability of Flight Models.

It also includes a built-in recording function for received/transmitted packets (spy function), suitable for the validation of satellite/spacecraft flight devices and ground testbed devices implementing High-Speed Serial Wizard-Link interfaces.


One such system can support 2 – 6 WizardLink ports. Its electrical interface is based on the TI TLK2711-SP device. The system supports both SMA or AXOMACH connectors. It can support link rates in the range of 1.6 – 2.5 Gbps in 100Mbps increments (on-board high precision transmission clock). It can be expanded with an optional I/O & Synchronization add-on board supporting triggers, flow control implementation, etc. It can be synchronised from various sources (IRIG-B, PPS), with down to 8ns accuracy/resolution.

“The iSAFT WizardLink Front-End can be fully customised to support customer-specific WizardLink protocols.”

Main Features & competitive advantages

The iSAFT WizardLink Front-End is capable of transmitting/receiving data packets over multiple WizardLink links, time stamping received packets, and capturing transmitted/received traffic to a powerful Protocol Analyser. It is based on the iSAFT graphical toolchain and can be controlled either from the local GUI or remotely through programming APIs. It also supports connection to a Central Checkout System (CCS).

The system is fully compliant with the general EGSE requirements for space missions and relevant ECSS standards. The iSAFT WizardLink Front-End is a powerful device for the validation of onboard data networks at early stages, minimizing costs and schedule.



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