A new front-end Integrated Passive Device

A new front-end Integrated Passive Device for Semtech’s chipsets developed by Joahson Technology!

With the development of new applications and smaller end product form-factors, Johanson Technology has developed an impedance-matched filter/balun integrated Passive Device (IPD) for Semtech’s Long Range Low Power LoRa® and LoRa Smart Home™ RF transceivers SX1261, SX1262, and LLCC68.

Our p/n: 0900FM15D0039 pairs seamlessly, considerably reducing the overall PCB space utilization area and component count. The entire front-end RF matching, balun, and filter network become a single EIA 0805 (2.0mm x 1.25mm) SMT component. This device is very temperature stable, cost-effective, and provides compliant FCC and ETSI regulatory emissions requirements.

A detailed Application Note (AN100) with measured 868 and 915Mhz output power results, design implementation, and layout guidance can be found here.

Samples and technical support: https://www.johansontechnology.com/request-a-sample and/or contact Dimac Red at dimacred@dimacred.com