Kuhne Electronic joins the Alaris Holdings

Our partner Kuhne Electronic has become part of Alaris Holdings Ltd, a leading RF technology holding and investment company.

A new opportunity for Kuhne: Alaris Holding Ltd

Alaris Holdings is a specialist in the RF technology field. And it has grown from a small consulting service to a powerhouse of extensive expertise, driven by owning and continuously developing intellectual property. Being part of Alaris Holding means that in the future Kuhne Electronic will be able to offer even more products and solutions from a single source thanks to the extensive network.

A valuable base in Europe

With the acquisition of Kuhne Electronic on July 1 2022, the Group has established a valuable base in Europe. As a result, it supports the intent to expand its worldwide footprint. The Alaris Holdings Group currently consists of five entities.

  • Alaris Antennas (in South Africa)
  • COJOT (in Finland)
  • mWAVE Industries and Alaris USA (in Maine, USA)
  • Linwave Technologies in the UK

With this acquisition, the Group increases its global footprint even further, directly impacting future growth.

About Kuhne

Kuhne is an RF and Microwave electronics engineering company established in Berg, Germany. It develops and manufactures products/components for the healthcare, industrial, radio amateur and defence segments. As an owner-managed entity, it has an in-house design and development team and a manufacturing department capable of supporting both prototype product build and medium-scale batch manufacture. This includes a pick and place capability.

Kuhne electronic’s diverse and technically mature product spectrum ranges from highly linear power amplifiers for digital television, to super-low-noise preamplifiers for research in the field of radio astronomy, to bidirectional amplifiers and signal generators for RF heating.

The team strives to deliver the best solutions to worldwide customers for high-frequency and microwave technology in a remarkable range from 100 MHz to 50 GHz. Additionally, the laboratory in Berg is state-of-the-art and equipped with high-quality and innovative measurement technology.

Dimac Red applauds Kuhne’s choice
As surely our partners know, Dimac Red is always by their side. In this case, we foresee a lot of potential for our customers thanks to this merger. So, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
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