Lextar UVC LED to sterilize and keep you healthy

UVC LED is a solution to solve sterilization issues especially during coronavirus outbreak!

Novel coronavirus outbreak has raised global panic and became a huge disaster without antidote. One way to prevent the infection and slow the spread is sterilization. This tech seems working to destroy not only bacteria, mold but also COVID-19 virus! This fact has been proven and revealed by National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China recently.

UVC LED can be widely used in sterilization with higher barrier in LED manufacture. However, Lextar, the leading pioneer and opto-semiconductor solutions provider can provide various models for different applications by perfectly integrating upper stream epitaxial, middle stream chip, package and downstream module.

Recently, Lextar has launched new UVC LED models, PU35CL1 with low power consumption and small package size is ideal for carry-on sterilization devices so consumers can clean their belongings anytime anywhere. Moreover, PU35CM1 can be applied to 100ma typ.13~15mW which can kill the virus in limited space quickly to make it ideal in white goods such as AC, air filter..etc.

Who can help? Lextar UVC LED can help! Our senior technical team is here for you, and customization service is available.