LS Materials, new cell low ESR version 

LS Materials officially launched a new cell, LOW ESR version of 3.0V 360F – LSUC 003R0L 0360F LE

ESR cell details

This new low ESR cell achieved lower ESR, higher voltage & capacitance than our existing mid-sized cell (2.8V 350F & Low ESR 2.8V 320F). 

More importanly, this new cell is same size as 320F & 350F cells, meaning that higher energy storage and power in limited size is achieved.

Increased performace

This new cell is the most optimized energy solution for applications requiring high current and space-saving such as portable medical equipment and passenger cars.
Since LS Materials is already suppling its mid-size cells (320F, 350F,etc) to a variety of medical equipment customers over the world, the customers could be satisfied with this new low ESR 3V 360F which can increase the performace of their applications. 


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