Melexis 3D magnetometer for battery-powered appliances

MLX90397 is the new 3D magnetometer launched today by Melexis.
It is specially designed for battery-powered applications.

Dimac Red announces with pleasure the launch of a new product by Melexis, a new 3D magnetometer aimed at battery-power applications.

Sample packs (100pcs) are available for pre-ordering as of today, with a limitation of 2 sample packs in the pre-launch phase.

The following versions will be available for sample order:

• MLX90397RLQ-AAA-000-SP (lead time: 15 days)
• MLX90397RLQ-AAA-000-RE (lead time: 196 days)

In short, MLX90397 targets battery-powered applications for both consumer and industrial applications such as e-tools, home systems, energy metering, and more!

We are always enthusiastic to share these big announcements. Contact us for any questions, our experts will be happy to help you.