Melexis inserts proven safety in its smart shunt solutions

About shunt solutions, meet MLX91231, Melexis‘ latest novelty in current sensing with a shunt interface.


MLX91231: a brilliant shunt solution

A key player in ensuring safety and precision, it’s designed to meet the growing demand for accuracy in automotive DC & battery applications. This device is capable of constantly monitoring current, voltage, and temperature. What makes it stand out is its dedication to safety standards (ASIL compliant), making it ideal for applications prioritizing safety. It’s not just a current sensor; it can diagnose issues, acting as an onboard safety alarm for excessive current flow.


MLX91231 maintains remarkable accuracy in extreme temperatures (-40°C to 125°C) throughout its lifespan. It excels in communication, can convey findings via a LIN bus or UART, and adapts to various communication protocols. Our very new current sensor with a shunt interface MLX91231 compliments the precise Hall-based current sensor MLX91230. Melexis is thus fully equipped to offer customers the two dominant current sensing technologies.

You can find the press release on supplier’s website accompanied by

The MLX91231 datasheet
The MLX91231 product flyer
An updated video combining the MLX91230 and MLX91231 (DC current sensing platform)
The updated Current sensor selection guide

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