Melexis new products’ release: MLX92351 and MLX92352

On 1-Dec-2022 Melexis released the MLX92351 and MLX92352, a universal 3-axis latch & switch designed for any DC motor or encoder indexing.

Universal 3-axis latch & switch

The MLX92351 (pre-programmed) and MLX92352 (programmable) are quadrature output devices, which accurately determine rotational speed and direction in motor systems. It can also be used for dual-position sensing with different axes and thresholds.

The following versions will be available for sample order


Product code MOQMPQCountry of origin HTS-EUHTS-USShip from locationLead time [days]
MLX92352LVA-BAB-000-SP 1010Taiwan 854231908542310001Ieper14 days
MLX92352LSE-BAA-000-SP 1010Philippines 854231908542310001Ieper14 days

MLX92352 / MLX92351 – universal 3-axis indexing switch
  • Triaxis Hall Technology – X, Y and Z axis magnetic sensitivity options
  • Dual open-drain outputs
    • speed, pulse or direction programmable
    • with independently programmable magnetic axis ZX, ZY, XY, ZZ, XX, YY
  • Programmable magnetic thresholds and temperature coefficient
  • Programmable magnetic Latch, Unipolar and Omni-polar Switch function
  • High ESD and EMC robustness for PCB-less applications
  • Operating voltage ranges from 2.7V to 60V
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 150°C
  • Integrated protections
    • Reverse supply voltage protection
    • Under-Voltage Reset protection
    • Output short circuit protection
    • Thermal protection
  •    Package RoHS compliant
    • VA (PCB-less)
    • TSOT-5L (SMD)
  • Automotive variant – certification
    • AEC-Q100
    • Support ASIL system integration

Suited for automotive and industrial markets

  • linear speed & direction control (power liftgate, power module closures)
  • incremental rotary encoding (cadence sensor for eBikes, fan & pump motor indexing)
  • dual linear position detection (piston and level start-end points)
  • angular position detection (knobs, jog wheels)