MEZ-EBR: a new product by Alta Data Technologies

MEZ-EBR, Micro Card for Embedded or Custome Systems, is provided by our partner Alta Data Technologies.


From Alta Data’s popular ENET products, the MEZ-EBR is a small mezzanine card that provides AS5652 (1553 RS-485 10M Enhanced Bit Rate) with a 1000 Ethernet host interface. Single Function BC, 8xRT, or composite BM. This is ideal for custom or embedded systems that need to add AS5652 capabilities to their system. Alta provides full reference design schematics, STEP files, and an optional development card to make integration very easy.

Additionally, Alta Data provides AltaAPI SDK with numerous example programs, and with a standard Ethernet UDP interface, the AltaAPI code can be used on almost any platform or operating system, including DO178 software systems.

The optional MEZDEV-E02 reference development card can be connected to almost any computer for pre-test or application software development. Customers’ software team can have the application developed and tested prior to final hardware integration. The MEZ-EBR sits on the card for complete reference design and test.

Key features

Single Function BC, 8xRT or Composite Monitor – Link or Spec Modes Supported
AS5652 10Mbit RS-485 Enhanced Bit Rate 1553
Small Mezzanine Card for Embedded or Custom System – 1000 Ethernet Interface
Full Reference Design Details – Easy to Integrate
AltaAPI Software SDK for Almost Any OS – Even DO178
3.3V – 1Amp – 12 grams
Development Card MEZDEV-E02 for Hardware Reference and Parallel Software Development
LEDs for EBR and Ethernet Activity Routed to Edge Connector

Datasheet here: Alta-MEZ-EBR-Data-Sheet

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