Miniature Band Pass Filter 2.4 GHz for wireless applications

New miniature ceramic SMD Band Pass Filter designed by Johnson Technology for a diverse range of small form-factor wireless applications and devices.  

Johanson Technology has released the 2450BP08C0100001T. It is a cutting-edge miniature ceramic SMD Band Pass filter designed for a diverse range of small form-factor wireless applications and devices. 

This innovative filter is ideal for applications such as WiFi, IoT, LoRa tags, BLE, Zigbee, wearables, and various battery-operated RF modules, providing exceptional performance in compact designs. Moreover, it works perfectly with wireless chipset vendor reference designs. An ideal choice for a wide range of wireless applications!


uThis LTCC (Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic) Bandpass Filter delivers both very low insertion loss and high rejection. In addition, it guarantees optimal performance for 2.4GHz ISM band applications. In a compact EIA 0403 package (1.1 x 0.9mm), it maintains excellent performance while conserving valuable space in your device’s design.

AEC-Q200 Option

For automotive applications requiring rigorous standards, our partner offers the 2450BP08C0100002T, an automotive AEC-Q200 compliant version of the filter, providing the same exceptional performance with added automotive-grade reliability. 

Available for sampling, and mass production quantities.


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