MLX90394: Melexis announces the release

Meet MLX90394, Melexis‘ new position sensor suited for rotary, linear and 3D joystick control in gaming and industrial peripherals.

MLX90394: a brilliant new position sensor

It is a tiny Triaxis® micropower magnetometer, based on Hall-effect. It perfectly balances the design trade-off between low noise, current consumption and cost. With on-the-fly selectable modes and advanced configurability, it enables high reuse and fast time to market. This contactless solution is suitable for rotary, linear and 3D joystick control in gaming and industrial peripherals. 
Key features
  • 16-bit Digital output for magnetic and temperature data over I2C
  • Individually selectable magnetic axes (X-Y-Z)
  • Three Wake-up on change / Interrupt modes
  • Data Ready output for µC synchronization
  • Built-in chip temperature compensation
  • Runtime selectable modes (on-the-fly program)
  • Three user selectable configurations  (Low Current, Low Noise, High Range)
  • Two selectable I2C slave addresses in one device
  • Integrated configurable digital filter
  • Ultra-low noise density for smaller magnets
  • Average consumption of 4µA for X or Y and 5µA for Z at 10Hz in single measurement mode
  • Average consumption of <15µA for X, Y and Z continuous measurements at 10Hz
  • Power Down mode <1µA (typical)
  • Magnetic Ranges ±5mT (0.15µT/LSB)  and ±50mT[1] (1.5µT/LSB)
  • Wide supply voltage from 1.7V to 3.6V
  • I2C compatible with 0.1MHz, 0.4MHz & 1.0MHz
  • Ambient temperature range from -40°C to 105°C
  • UTDFN-6 (LD) package: RoHS, Green and Halogen free compliant (2mm x 1.5mm x 0.4mm)

[1] ±200mT in Z direction available on specific request

Key applications
  • PC peripheral – Mouse roller
  • Gaming – Joystick, D-pads & Trigger buttons
  • Wearables – Smartwatch digital crown & bezel
  • Battery power tools – Hairdryer & drill trigger
  • White goods – Smart knob & liquid levels
  • Industrial – Linear & pneumatic actuators
  • Smart home – HMI thermostat & electronic lock
  • Home security – Door/window opening detection



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