MLX90830: Melexis revolutionizes MEMS pressure sensors

Meet MLX90830, Melexis‘ new pressure sensor and get access to the new patented Triphibian technology!

MLX90830: a brilliant new pressure sensor

This sensor is the first product to feature the Melexis new patented Triphibian™  technology. This unprecedented miniaturized MEMS pressure sensor handles measurement of gas and liquid media from 2 to 70 bar in a robust way. The factory calibrated device measures the absolute pressure and delivers a proportional analog output signal. The MLX90830 makes the module cost-effective by simplifying the system integration into the latest electric vehicles (EVs) thermal management systems.
To conclude, there will be only 2 variants (10 or 35 bar) available. The 2-bar version should not be used until further notice.
Key features
  • Robust in gas and liquid media, compliant with chemical refrigerants and coolants

  • High full scale lifetime accuracy

  • Ratiometric analog output

  • Fast response time (min 0.4ms)

  • System in a package: MEMS, analog front-end circuitry, 16-bit microcontroller, voltage regulators and analog ratiometric back-end

  • Configurable diagnostic features like internal broken connection, over voltage, under voltage etc.

  • Factory calibrated and fully programmable through the connector with the PTC04 programming tool for customized calibration curves

  • Extended over (+40V) and reverse (-40V) voltage capabilities (supply & output)

  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 150°C

  • Qualified according to AEC-Q100 and AEC‑Q103-002

  • ASIL compliant developed as an ASIL A SEooC as per ISO 26262    


Absolute pressures from 2bar to 70bar with gas and/or liquid media

  • Thermal Management of Electric Vehicles

    • Standalone sensors

    • Embedded sensors in expansion valves

    • Embedded sensors in e-compressors

    • Embedded sensors in pumps

  •  HVAC-R systems

  • Product Flyer
  • Datasheet
  • Updated selection guide

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We are pleased to announce sample packs (10pcs) are available for pre-ordering as of today, with a limitation of 1 sample pack in the pre-launch phase.



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