New iSAFT product release: iSAFT SpaceFibre Simulator

TELETEL announces a new entry in the iSAFT product portfolio, namely the integrated iSAFT SpaceFibre Simulator. It constitutes an advanced Data Front End with traffic generation capabilities that simulates SpaceFibre devices or instruments, enabling S/C integration tests before the availability of Flight Models. It is built on the iSAFT Quad SpaceFibre PCIe Interface Card and the powerful iSAFT SpaceFibre Simulator/Recorder Software.

Its main features include:

–  Can host up to 4 SpaceFibre PCIe interface boards

– Each SpaceFibre PCIe board supports four single lane data ports (Type C connectors) supporting up to 16VCs total and link rates of 1, 1.25, 2, 2.5, 3.125 Gbps, according to ECSS-E-ST-50-11C DIR1

– Complete graphical software environment for controlling and monitoring the hardware

– Packet Editors (SpaceFibre, RMAP, CPTP)

– Asynchronous SpaceFibre transmission and traffic generation support

– SpFi physical link capturing and decoding of SpFi characters for debugging purposes

– Built-in recording function for received / transmitted packets (spy function)

– Integrated Wireshark Protocol Analyser

– Programmable transmission triggers per packet, selective tracing (filtering) support

– Real-Time Statistics per port / virtual channel (packet and SpFi characters statistics)

– Recordings management, export to XML, Postscript, etc.

– Software APIs in C#, C++, Python, standard Web services (Windows, Linux)

– EDEN / C&C CCSDS protocol support for communication with the Central Checkout System (CCS)

– IRIG support for time synchronization with other components in a testbed

– Expandable with additional interfaces (SpaceWire, MIL-STD-1553, CAN/CANOpen)

– Flight equipment protection according to the SpaceFibre standard


In conclusion, the iSAFT SpaceFibre Simulator is offered in two form factors, as a Compact System and as a Rackmount System.

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