Proton-Electrotex launches МТ3-700-18-А2 thyristor modules

Proton-Electrotex is happy to announce the launch of a new thyristor and thyristor-diode modules МТ3-700-18-А2 with increased power density.

This module is based on its predecessor МТ3-540-18-А2. The higher power density was achieved by upgrading the semiconductor element with minimal changes to other design elements. Specifically, the module was designed with a new topology increasing the active cathode area by 10%, reduced thickness of the diffusion element and improved diffusion profile.

The extensive research and testing program behind these changes allowed to achieve previously unavailable parameters. The new module features lower losses in open state, lower thermal junction-case resistance, and higher surge current. Mean current in open state ITAV increased by 20% to 700A. Repetitive peak off-state and reverse voltage VDRM/ VRRM values are 1400-1800 V.

The complete technical specifications are as follows:

VDRM/ VRRM [V]: 1400-1800
IFAV/ITAV (Tс,°C) [A]: 700(80)
VFM/VTM (Tc=25°С) [V]: 1.65
IFM/ITM (Tc=25°С) [A]: 2198
VT(TO)/Tjmax [V]: 0.8
rT/Tjmax [mΩ]: 0.35
tq [μs]: 250
Tjmax [°С]: 130
Rthjc [°С/W]: 0.051
Package: M.A2
Baseplate width/length [mm]: 60/124
Design: dual component
Configuration: thyristor-thyristor, thyristor-diode


Datasheet for the new module is available here.

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