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Johanson Technology has released technical data sheets about multiple products. Discover here all the news and contact our experts for any questions.

Multi-Constellation Mini Hybrid Coupler

As global positioning systems become more accurate and intentionally redundant, the need for operation at more than one satellite constellation is a must in radio receivers. Johanson Technology has released a GPS, GLONASS (GNSS), BEIDOU (BDS), and GALILEO 90-degree hybrid coupler for antenna systems and modules. This EIA 0805 (metric 2012) SMD component fits easily in small form-factor, including portable or handheld applications.
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UWB Band Pass Filter

With the ever-increasing need for vehicle security and authorized access technology evolution, Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology is an up-and-coming secure protocol that is enabling new security features for this automotive application. Johanson Technology, Inc has developed this UWB BPF that is AEC-Q200 qualified. Also, precise location (micro-location) technologies such as indoor asset tracking with ever-shrinking form factors will benefit from this EIA 0806 (2×1.25mm) surface mount (SMT) component.
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First 5G Filter Family

Continuing the mobile network evolution, Johanson Technology has developed its first series of n77, n78, and n79 bands band pass filters for 5G networks. These small case size (EIA 0603/0805) BPFs with low profile are optimized for small cell systems, IoT (industrial, medical, AR/VR), automotive, among other applications. These 3.5GHz, 3.7GHz, and 4.7GHz SMD/SMT ceramic filters are cost effective, low insertion loss, and offer formidable attenuation for their size and price.

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